Jose “Call Me, Maybe” Cuisia

Advocates charge that Embassy plays "hard to get" with their assistance to Filipino migrant workers.

Advocates charge that Embassy plays “hard to get” with their assistance to Filipino migrant workers.

Listen to Call Me, Maybe Parody for Filipino Migrants

Not quite understanding the relevance of the nickname?

It was prompted by quotes in Philippine media outlets from Ambassador Cuisia. The quotes in response to criticism directed to the Ambassador  regarding the Embassy’s (in)action around allegations of human trafficking and enslaving Filipino migrant workers by Grand Isle Shipyard:

“Sabi ko meron ba kayong reklamo tungkol sa GIS o tungkol sa Black Elk, sabihin niyo na ngayon, para mapaabot natin sa gubyerno,” Cuisia told the workers. Cuisia said the workers did not report any labor violations, as their other Filipino co-workers claimed.

Cuisia said he left his contact information to the OFWs so they can call the embassy privately when their employer is not around, but Cuisia said the remaining workers have not responded to this day

– ABS, Jan 25

Ambassador Cuisia said he himself met twice with Filipino workers in Louisiana in November and assured them of assistance should they have any complaints against Grand Isle.

“Up to now, the Embassy has not received a single call or email from any of the workers,” he said.

Embassy of the Philippines Press Release, Jan. 14

It’s this attitude of ‘tossing the ball in the victim’s court,” instead of being more proactive and “running with it” that the campaign questions.

It’s from this perspective that the following parody of the popular Carly Rae Jepsen song was created.

Stream the song using sound cloud here.

Lyrics of Migrant song to Cuisia

We encourage all J4GISFW supporters to make this song their own – add or sharpen verses, create an accompanying video and just popularize it.

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  1. Wow! I heard the song it’s awesome. It’s perfect. It must be popularized. Down with Cuisia!

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