Word is spreading quickly about the bravery of the GIS Filipino Workers, their struggle for justice, and the campaign for these and all migrants and guestworkers.  Below are some of the websites, blogs, articles, news segments, and solidarity statements covering and supporting the Justice for GIS Filipino Workers Campaign.
Official Website for Workers About the Class-Action Lawsuit Against GIS 
WWL-TV New Orleans TV News Coverage:
The Times-Picayune Online Article (
Extensive Coverage of the 2/25/13 Solidarity Action at the SF Philippine Consulate
by Steve Zeltzer of the Labor Video Project
Click: Demand For Justice For Filipino Migrant GIS Grand Isle Oil Rig Workers In Louisiana

  • Dozens of labor and student activists rallied and spoke out at the San Francisco Philippine Consulate for justice for the GIS migrant Filipino Grand Isle Shipyard workers who were killed and put in slave like conditions. Speakers reported that both that the Philippine government and US government were aware of the illegal conditions of the oil rig workers yet took no action.

Asian Journal Articles on Feb 27 – Mar 1 Edition

Esquire.Com’s “The Politics Blog”:
Philippine Forum:
Solidarity Statements

Personal Perspective: Dr. F. J. “Ned” Valen, M. D.

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